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Green Fields


Norfolk Green Care Network AGM


Oscar Smith

The Norfolk Green Care Network (NGCN) seeks to connect the people of Norfolk with nature so they can:
Better understand how the natural world works,
Appreciate and experience the benefits of the natural world and,
Understand their individual responsibility and impact of their actions.

4th November saw the NGCN AGM hosted virtually and we were in attendance for the first time.

NGCN brings together a diverse group of people with the common interest of wanting to utilise and promote the merits of nature and therefore our rural assets. It is the start of another avenue demonstrating and seeking to practically utilise our natural capital.

Alongside the usual formalities there was discussion focussed on social prescribing, members who are already delivering educational and compassionate support activities within a natural environment and opportunity to gain perspective from local government representatives.

Social Prescribing

Social Prescribing enables trained professionals to refer patients to non-clinical care providers (potentially you or I) to support the patients health and wellbeing, this can be achieved through a range of activities many of which can be provided and enhanced by rural businesses.

Activities could range from helping with the day to day work of looking after livestock or planting hedges and trees, through to helping with maintenance in a workshop, enjoying the freedom to be creative with a paintbrush or simply taking a walk around a farm or country estate. Whateve tha activity it is important to remember your patient is the priority.

It was great to hear from some of the social prescribing leads in the Norfolk area giving insight into how the services are currently being deployed. The example given stated that funding is currently passed from local authority to an agency who recruit and collate care providers. This means social prescribers have a clear range of options to apply in addressing the needs of their patients.

It is the dawn of this exciting opportunity to demonstrate the real social value of our natural capital, however, if you would like to express an interest in learning more about these opportunities please get in touch via email, phone or request a call back.

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