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Rural England Prosperity Fund (REPF)


The REPF is open for applications and seeks to:

  • Improve productivity in the rural economy

  • Enable farms to diversidy their business models

  • Reduce deprivation in rural communities

Projects that may be eligible for funding include:

  • Developing an onsite shop, tea room or vending machine

  • Starting or expanding a rural business EG. Microbrewery

  • Developing a tourism business

  • Electric Vehicle charging points

Applications must be received by November 30th 2022. If you have a personal or community project in mind, and would like to understand if your project is eligible, please contact us and we can guide you through the possibilities.

Why and How

The need

  • Funding is required to develop a business idea

  • Unsure of what funding is available

  • Unsure of how to access funding

Our Solutions

We can listen to your ideas and answer your questions.

We provide a package that addresses each of the requirements for a successful application. These requirements are different for each local authority.

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