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Nutrient Management Plans


Your Nutrient Management Plan or Nutrient Budget will be calculated and written by a FACTS Qualified adviser. They provide a concise reference document for nutrients planned and nutrients applied in the cropping year.

Plans are often developed ahead of farm assurance visits, why not use them to gain a better understanding of crop nutrition requirements and costs.

Why and How

The need

  • Record manure applications for cross compliance

  • Understand farm nutrient balance changes over a cropping year

  • Demonstrate compliance with Farming Rules for Water

Our Solutions

We collect information such as: previous years cropping and yields, soil type, manure applications and current cropping.

Using RB209 data this is then presented to show how much nutrient has been applied to each field and how much is likely to be required for the current crop.

We provide advice on compliance with Farming Rules for Water a variety of assurance schemes.

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