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Carbon Auditing


Did you know carbon emission efficiency is closely aligned with financial efficiency?

'Carbon' is the industry buzzword that wont go away. There is lots of talk but alot less decision, though it is coming.

Carbon calculators seem to give differing results and measure different inputs. Carbon payments are still progressing towards the final solution.

Our carbon audit reports will cut through the fog and demonstrate where you can make improvements in emissions efficiency.

Why and How

The need

  • Accessing premium crop wheat contracts

  • Securing loan finance

  • Starting your journey to net-zero

Our Solutions

We ask you for crop production records, energy usage and delivery tickets.

We provide you with: emissions/t crop, emissions/ha, overall emissions and emission benchmarking.

We then analyse the potential financial impact of emission reduction strategies.

We accommodate any carbon calculator and this can be at your request.

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